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Spiders are not only Creepy Creatures.

It is not uncommon to encounter spiders in the Atlanta Metropolitan area. Aside from being creepy, they can be considered pests when they invade homes and businesses. Spiders can cause unsightly webbing and pose health risks due to the venom that some spiders carry. 

Some spider species are not venomous and can only bite when threatened. However, two of the most common spiders in Atlanta carry venom that can cause painful and potentially dangerous bites. These two species are the Brown Recluse spider and the Black Widow spider. Therefore, it is essential to be aware of these spiders as they can pose a potential risk to humans

Spiders can be beneficial because they can eat certain house pests like mosquitoes, flies, and bed bugs. However, their presence can also be a red flag that other infestations may be present in your home or business. If you have noticed an increase in spider activity in your area, it is important to contact a professional exterminator to control and remove the spiders.

Our Three Steps Spider Removal Process

Thorough Spider Inspection

Spider Extermination

Spider Prevention and Maintenance

Thorough Spider Inspection

We at Atlanta Pest Control. Pro knows how creepy spiders can be and how dangerous they can be. That is why our first step is to inspect your home or business and identify any potential spider infestation. Our team of professionals will go to your home to


Look for the presence of spiders, webs, carcasses, and egg sacs to understand the extent of the infestation better.


Identify spider species – The next step is to identify the species of spiders in your home or business to determine the best course of action.

After our thorough inspection, we can determine the best spider removal and prevention program for your home or business.

Our comprehensive inspections will provide a full understanding of the spider problem. Then, we’ll work with you to develop a plan that fits your needs and budget. 

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The Best and Affordable Spider Exterminator That You Deserve

At Atlanta Pest Control. Pro, we provide the best and most affordable spider control services in the Atlanta Metropolitan area. Our team of certified pest professionals is dedicated to providing effective and safe solutions to get rid of spiders and keep your property free from infestations for years to come. Call us today to learn more about our spider control services and get your home or business back in order.

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Spider infestations can be alarming and uncomfortable to have around, so it’s important to recognize the signs of spider activity. Seeing spiders crawling around your home is a great signifier of an infestation, but subtler hints also should not be overlooked. For example, webbing or spider webs in dark corners and unusually hard-to-reach places could indicate spider activity. Droppings or egg sacs from spider species can also signal an infestation. Additionally, dead spider bodies are a huge sign that spiders are present and reproducing in your home. While spiders can inadvertently cause harm if steps are not taken to remove them from the premises quickly, most spider species are quite harmless. Knowing the signs of spider activity is the first step in coaxing them out of hiding and evicting them from your space for good

Spiders are often unwelcome visitors in our homes, but understanding why they come in the first place can help us avoid inviting them. Spider species such as cellar spiders and house spiders prefer dark, undisturbed places in our homes and thrive on creatures like flies and moths that are attracted to the building due to other reasons. For example, spiders may move indoors during the summer months to escape the heat or during autumn to find a warm spot for overwintering. Light also plays an important role, as spider-prey insects like flies are usually attracted to light sources. All in all, spiders can be drawn into our homes due to a number of different things: warmth, darkness, the activity of prey insects, or simply happenstance if they catch a ride on a delivery box.

Spiders can live for a surprisingly long time – up to several years! Female spiders’ lifespan is usually much longer than male spiders as they are killed after mating.


However, their lifespan depends on some factors, and some may even survive for longer than that if they manage to avoid predation, bad weather conditions, and other environmental challenges. Depending on the species, a spider’s life expectancy could vary significantly, with some as short-lived as a few months while others have been recorded living as long as 20 years or more. But in general, the most spider will not make it past their second year due to the numerous threats they may face daily.


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